Social NFT Announces Their CEO Sonia Rayat

Sonia Rayat has been involved in the financial markets for over a year now. She is a self-taught entrepreneur who is incredibly passionate about chartering uncharted terrains and reaching new heights in life. She learned the ins and outs of the financial markets during the pandemic all the while working full-time at her previous job.

However, she quit her job a few months ago to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and will now be at the helm of Social NFT. This is a natural fit for her as she has experience in network marketing as well. As such, you can expect her to guide a whole generation of influencers on how to monetize their content leveraging NFTs.

This is where Social NFT comes into play. This cutting-edge platform will allow influencers, marketers, artists, and other people to create, mint, and sell their NFTs. The fans will be able to trade these NFTs as well, so there is something for everybody. And the whole process has been kept so simple, that users won’t have to scurry around looking for how-tos. It will be as easy as using any other social media platform, but better.

While most social media platforms make tons of money from user-generated content, Social NFT will turn the tables, and allow users to earn from what they create. It will lay a foundation for a future where NFTs represent real-world or digital objects of value.

The platform is about to have a release party soon and will allow the purchase of its tokens on September 16th on Pancake Swap. There will be many more big announcements down the line. So, stay tuned for much more excitement in the future.



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