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Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have been making a lot of waves in the stock market lately, and chances are, you have heard about them too. But let’s take a closer look at whether these tokens are actually great, before investing in their best stocks.

For those investors who believe NFTs will become an increasingly popular technology in the future and are fascinated by their potential, read on.

What is NFT?

When we say something is fungible, it implies that each unit is interchangeable. For instance, a unit of currency is fungible; by exchanging one for the other, you get the same thing.

However, a unique piece of artwork is unhackable. An NFT can be a digital artwork, video clip, tweet, or even digital trading card. Essentially anything electronic can be used, but the current interest is focused on using the technology to sell digital art.

The Opportunities with NFTs

If you consider the art’s resale value, selling NFTs becomes an attractive investment opportunity. It’s similar to buying actual pieces of fine art. Having possession of the art itself won’t bring you any returns if you intend to hold it forever.

Of course, looking at that piece of art might make you feel gratified, but the money comes in by selling that piece of art to the highest bidder.

In other words, if you can buy a unique NFT and then sell it back for more than what you paid for it, you’ll be able to make a pretty penny.

Authentication, codes and verification ensure that art can be proven and verified easily. The beauty of blockchain is that there can be no fraud and theft.

Sure, other people can copy your original piece of digital art, but the original belongs to the person who owns the NFT.

Are NFT Stocks The Right Investment For You?

If somebody asked you in January what NFT stocks were, you may have looked at them blankly. Needless to say, the excitement this week has spawned countless rallies on Wall Street.

Several of these are unrelated to the NFT market, however investors are speculating that they could gain exposure to the market on the basis of speculation.

Look at marijuana stocks and cryptocurrencies at 2017–2019 and it may be hard to say if NFT stocks will take off for good. There’s a good chance that the NFT stock mania will soon go away if history is any guide.

There’s so much hype these days about this emerging technology that it’s hard to imagine it will ever materialize.

Will NFTs Be The Future Of Modern Art?

Traditionally, any art that’s posted online can be shared, saved, and downloaded easily.

As a result of this, there is not a strong sense of ownership because everyone can use it easily. Imagine you are an artist, a very good one. And you create some of the most beautiful paintings. But what about capitalizing on your creativity?

The NFTs, makes digital art unique and gives artists a reason to continue creating creative arts even with a lack of success.

The art industry holds considerable potential for new financial technologies. But first things first, a regulatory framework must be established in this area. There is currently no rule deciding who has the right to create NFTs.

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